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the story of our life." ©

Wednesday, November 09, 2005



Okay, so I'm a slow learner. It took me 35 years to make my personal u-turn toward God, and it's taken me two years to start my "God Allows U-Turns" BLOG. This is my first "official" post and I'm asking for grace from ya'll as I figure out the tech stuff, okay?

While I have not been WRITING a BLOG, I have most assuredly been READING them. There's some mighty fine stuff out there in the Blogosphere. I'll be featuring what I think are some of today's PREMIERE BLOGS in upcoming posts. Please note the words "what I think." This is my personal opinion and you need to know this BLOG is not a democracy, it's run by me, a Benevolent Dictator, (as my new friend La Shawn Barber calls herself.)

After reading THE EMBARASSED BELIEVER by Hugh Hewitt, I finally decided to get off my newly-turned-fifty-backside and make the choice to speak up. If you read the text in the right sidebar you'll find that I'm planning to BLOG primarily about six main topics. The common thread in all of my opinions will be to speak the truth in boldness.

It's time we realized that the choices we make really do change the story of our life! CHOICES is a key word.

In the words of Albert Finney from the classic film, Network, "I'm mad as H--l and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"

Stay tuned for the u-turns journey of making choices for Christ that will change our life!

Welcome readers. Come back soon.

And that's what's on my mind today.
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