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Monday, May 29, 2006


Amazon.com #1 Reviewer LOVES A Stitch in Time, my debut novel!

Dear Blog Friends:

I'm back from speaking and teaching at the Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference. It was a spirit-filled conference and I am looking forward to reading true short story submissions (for future books in the God Allows U-Turns anthology series) from many attendees!

I plan to post an update on the conference in a few days...as soon as I get my photos back from Wal-Mart (that's correct, I do not have a digital camera.)

I took time out from writing this morning to check Amazon.com for reviews of my debut novel that just released from Bethany House. A Stitch in Time currently has two book reveiws posted, and I'm hoping by the end of this month to see more reviews posted. (hint-hint?)

Readers, if you enjoy a book and wish to share it with others, please consider writing a review and posting it on Amazon.com. Book reviews really can make a difference.

I was thrilled to see that Harriet Klausner, a #1 Reviewer with Amazon.com loved A Stitch in Time!

Harriet Klausner was an acquisitions librarian in Pennsylvania and wrote a monthly review column of recommended reads. She found she liked reviewing and went on to freelance after her son was born. A speed reader, she reads two books a day. As of today, Harriet Klausner has reviewed over 11,400 books for Amazon.com, and is ranked as a #1 Reviewer. (Bless you, Mrs. Klausner!)

Here is Harriet Klausner’s Review of A Stitch in Time, by Allison Bottke

In Los Angeles, Dee Harris Decker rediscovered religion and her toes at about the same time she learned her spouse was cheating on her. At the age of fifty, Dee left her philandering mate Lyle and underwent gastric bypass surgery to drop well over a hundred pounds in order to start over. Though she started her new vocation just after her surgery, she has become one of the best at raising funds, which ironically also brings out the best in her as she enjoys doing this especially for a good cause.

Dee has reached another crossroad, but this time she is filled with confidence that the Lord will help her choose correctly. Her project might make her a Nevada rancher's wife, but Lyle, assisted by their adult daughter Kelsey, has other plans for his now size-ten svelte almost ex-wife.

The key to this delightful inspirational chick lit charmer is Dee. The physical make over helps, but it is her spiritual, mental and emotional changes that turn her into a success, and the novel into a fine inspiring read. Allison Bottke emphasizes Dee's trials and tribulations as she becomes all that she can be with for the most part the bypass is bypassed as helpful but minor if one fails to heal the soul and the mind.

Harriet Klausner, #1 Reviewer with Amazon.com

Friday, May 19, 2006


A Stitch in Time in Bookstores Now

Greetings to All!

I'm heading off tomorrow to speak and teach at the Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference in North Carolina. I won't be posting any new BLOG entries until I return after the 29th, sorry. Our next Guest Blogger will be author/speaker Sharen Watson who begins her week long postings on June 5th.

In the mean time, my debut novel is now available! PTL! This is a dream come true, and I sure would love to hear what y'all think of A STITCH IN TIME, so pick up a copy and send me an email! allison@godallowsuturns.com

Here's what some folks are saying about A STITCH IN TIME, my first contemporary chick-lit novel from Bethany House Publishers:

A Stitch in Time is a witty look at an all-too-flawed woman in search of perfection, and boy, could I relate to her! A wonderful read.
–Angela Hunt, Best-selling author of The Novelist

Breakout novelist Allison Bottke will gain hordes of new fans with the first of (what we can hope to be) many novels! From the first page, you'll not want to put this one down. A Stitch in Time proves that we are all hungry for more of God, all of us, no matter where we come from or what we do. A must read!
- Eva Marie Everson, coauthor of The Potluck Club

Allison Bottke pens a wonderful tale of forgiveness and reconciliation. A Stitch in Time takes the reader through a lifestyle few have experienced first hand, while dealing with emotions and day to day conflicts familiar to us all. This book is sure to please.
- Tracie Peterson, Best-selling author of Heirs of Montana and What She Left For Me

Intelligent. Witty. Real. Energetic. Fascinating. Life-changing. All of these characteristics of Allison’s debut novel make it some of the best fiction I’ve read in a long time and an accurate description of the author herself. I can hardly wait for more books from this amazing woman.
- Heather Gemmen, Best-selling author of Startling Beauty

I enjoyed this book—fun reading. Allison Bottke is a fresh, honest voice in contemporary fiction of the chic lit style, whose 50-year-old heroine pushes the age boundaries. A Stitch in Time leaves the reader with a renewed appreciation for God’s grace and purpose at all stages of our lives.
- Lauraine Snelling, best-selling author of the Red River of the North series

Have a blessed week!

And that's what's on my mind today.

Monday, May 15, 2006



Dear Readers:

This Blog was developed to share true stories of life from a Christian perspective, for both READERS and WRITERS. Our fundamental goal is to encourage and strengthen our readers.

As someone who often teaches at Christian writer’s conferences, I feel strongly about sharing that no matter how long it may take, we must keep our dreams alive and persevere. It’s not always easy—especially when the dream to be published remains elusive.

I’ve been blessed to have twenty books published in the past five years under the God Allows U-Turns umbrella brand. These twenty books are all NON-FICTION. However, I’ve wanted to write fiction since I was a little girl. (In fact, my ultimate goal when I grow up is to become a screenwriter, but that’s another story altogether.)

Well, my “little girl dream” has come true!

I’m fifty years old and it’s finally happened! My debut novel, A STITCH IN TIME (in the hip-lit genre) will “officially” release from Bethany House on June 1st. However, this past weekend I had my first book signing for my novel at Barnes & Noble in Burnsville, Minnesota. It was a phenomenal success. I’m still floating on a cloud and praising God!

So, long story short … if you have the dream to write and be published … keep the faith! I never stopped working at it, I never stopped learning, and I never stopped trying new things. Most importantly, I never stopped praying!

A STITCH IN TIME is available now online and at bookstores everywhere.

And that’s what’s on my mind today.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


What does God have planned for you TODAY?

This photo of author and speaker Eva Marie Everson and yours truly was taken recently in Florida where I was spending cloistered retreat time working on my second novel. We took a break to…you guessed it…go shopping. The hat was my Park Avenue purchase, a total steal at $13.00. But I digress…that’s not my point. Here’s my point…

We never know upon meeting someone for the first time what the Lord has in mind. There are times He thrusts us into the life of someone for one brief moment in time, like that time in the grocery store line when your words of encouragement to the harried mom just may have saved her life. Or how about the time when a jealous co-worker made a U-Turn away from vindictiveness, because you boldly shared a word given to you from God—a word you’d read only that morning in your daily devotional? All around us are divine appointments that when we look back in retrospect we can see are all part of a grand plan God has for each of us—His beloved children.

There are countless times in the course of our life (in the course of our day for some of us!) when we have scarce enough time for ourselves or our immediate families, how are we to know when God puts someone into our sphere that he wants us to get to know better?

Five years ago I was introduced to author and speaker Eva Marie Everson at a CBA Book Expo in February of 2001. The very first book in the God Allows U-Turns anthology was going to release that coming July at CBA in Atlanta. We had lunch with our publisher and when he left us alone to visit afterwards, who would have suspected that years later I would count her as one of my most trusted friends? It was, quite simply, a divine appointment.

As you go about your day today, I would ask only that you look at everyone you meet with that glorious expectation that God has arranged it all…and then see what happens. God is in control and He has a plan far bigger than anything we could ever hope or dream for. The meetings he orchestrates daily with friends and strangers, is part of that grand plan. Don’t miss out on what God is doing in your life…keep your eyes...and heart open.

“Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.” – Hebrews 13:2 (NIV)

And that’s what’s on my mind today.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Tracy Klehn Visits Minnesota!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to spend time with author, speaker and friend, Tracy Klehn. That's us in the photo, I'm the older one, ha-ha. My church hosted Tracy as the keynote speaker for our annual Mothers and Others event held on Saturday, May 6. Tracy’s first book is published by Bethany House, my publisher, so we had the chance to visit with our Bethany House family on Friday, including lunch at the Mall of America! It was a busy and spiritually rewarding weekend.

Tracy did a fabulous job on Saturday, speaking on prayer. If you're looking for a dynamic speaker make sure to visit her web site and contact Tracy directly. She has over a dozen presentations and your ladies will love her! You’ll want to check out Tracy’s just released book: Prayer Starters for Busy Moms, How to Pray All Day and Still Put the Laundry Away.

Now, it’s back to work on my second novel. I have a June 1st deadline for this draft and still need to write about 25,000 more words! My actual publishing deadline is August 1st. Time sure sneaks up on a gal, doesn’t it?

And remember folks, for those of you in the Minneapolis area, my debut novel, A Stitch in Time, is being released at Barnes & Noble in Burnsville this coming Saturday from 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM. Stop in and say hello! Also signing her debut novel, The Secret Life of Becky Miller, will be author Sharon Hinck.

That’s what’s on my mind today.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006



They say a picture is worth a thousand words. My granddaughter, Lucianna May Bottke (Lucy) recently celebrated her first birthday here in Minnesota. Methinks this is the way we should all have our cake and eat it, too!

May God bless your day.

That’s what’s on my mind today.