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Monday, March 13, 2006


Buried in SNOW in Faribault, MN

Good morning from Allison in SNOWY Minnesota!

That’s right, we are buried once again! I woke up at 5:00 AM to the sound of wind and sleety-snow pounding against my windows. Looks like 8-10 inches of powder dumped on us last night. Yuck! I’m NOT a snow-gal, so forgive my whining.

It makes me think about our Guest Blogger last week, typing out his postings from sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. Please join me in thanking W. Terry Whalin for 7-days of excellent blog posts! If you didn’t read his awesome U-Turn stories, make sure to spend some time scrolling through the archives. It will be well worth your time. Bless you, Terry!

Terry encouraged us to think about the historic U-Turns that have been made over time—powerful stories that helped to change the fabric of our nation. I was especially moved by the story of Chuck Colson, a man whose personal testimony U-Turn helped to strengthen me when I first came to know the Lord at the very start of my U-Turn. What a difference Mr. Colson is making in the world.

What a difference we all make when we share the personal stories of how God works in our life.

As you may know, the two newest books in the GOD ALLOWS U-TURNS compilation series are just now being shipped to bookstores around the country. The 106 contributing authors whose stories appear in these books are also receiving book orders they placed months ago. I’d like to share an email I received a few days ago from Cheryl Haggard, whose story Lessons from Monteray Street appears on page 166 in the volume GOD ALLOWS U-TURNS for WOMEN - THE CHOICES WE MAKE CHANGE THE STORY OF OUR LIFE.

From Cheryl…

So, I am wiping Molly's nose for the umpteenth time yesterday and a knock, knock, knock on my door broke my concentration (not too much goes on in rural Idaho during the day other than ag burning and cows mooing). It was a package of books from Bethany House—I got my shipment of "God Allows U-Turns - The Choices Women Make." I did everything I could to keep myself composed as I signed my name electronically on that doohickey thing. The Fed -Ex woman asked what I was so mushy about and I showed her. She stood in the 20 degree Idaho chill and read about three stories (of course, mine included). She and I were both reduced to puddles...and I made a new best friend. Thank you for letting me share the story of my kids' lives. What an honor it is to be part of something bigger than our daily grind of raising sick kids. God's purposes are so huge—more than I can dream or imagine. To think one person can be touched by your story of how a loving God can restore you makes the pain melt like a snowman on Waikiki beach. The GOD ALLOWS U-TURNS books are beautiful and so are the stories.

Email from contributing author Cheryl Haggard, Star, Idaho

Thank you, Cheryll, for making the choice to share your U-Turn story with our readers. Somewhere out there is a Fed-Ex driver who is making another kind of U-Turn in her life. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

In closing, I’ll do my best to BLOG this week, but I’m heading out to speak in Clarion, Pennsylvania (my speaking locations are listed on the calendar page of our web sit in the event you live nearby and can join us at the ladies retreat,) and I’m knee-deep in preparations. Our next Guest Blogger in our 2066 Guest Blogger Series is author Sharon Hinck. You won’t want to miss her postings beginning the week of March 20th.

In the mean time, may God bless and keep you!

And that’s what’s on my mind today.
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