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Sunday, July 16, 2006


A Prayer of Blessing

Well, my friends, here we are at my last day, my last post to you on this blog. I hope you have been blessed as I have. This venture has required me to think, to look deep inside, to recall happy and painful moments, and to turn to our loving Abba for guidance and words. I must confess I have procrastinated posting this last time, struggling with what to say in closing. I’ve decided to share a brief story before praying a blessing on each of you.

The incident I want to share happened when I was a teen. My parents were going through a rough patch and my grandparents wanted to help. Their offer was politely, but determinedly turned down. Finally, my grandmother called my father over and indicated that he sit. When she had his full attention, she took his hand and simply said six words. “Don’t deprive me of a blessing.”

My father couldn’t argue with such logic and accepted the help. It was the first time I had looked at it from that viewpoint. When we bless, we are blessed in return. That is not to say the return blessing is immediate or even in this life, but our Father knows. That is enough.

Dear Abba, thank You so much for the opportunity to share how You have poured out Your blessings on my life. I ask that these posts touch those that need to hear of Your extravagant mercy and love. Let every reader who comes across these messages be blessed by Your grace. May we bless others as You have blessed us and in so doing, bless You, in return. Father, I ask for favor to surround Allison and her team and the whole GAUT project. May You be glorified and may many make u-turns back to Your heart of love. I thank You again, for all You have done, for all You are doing, and all that You’ve yet to do. Be praised in Jesus’ Name. Amen and amen

Abundant blessings now and always,
Bless you Jenny for your posts this past week. Your last posting expecially hit home as I only just had this conversation with a dear aunt and uncle. It is so hard for us to RECEIVE, isn't it? God be with you, dear woman!
And with you, Allison. I want to publicly thank you for inviting me to be a guest blogger for you. You are an amazing encourager, getting me to stretch beyond what I think I am capable. Thank you!

Abundant and overflowing blessings,
Jenny Cary
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