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Sunday, November 13, 2005


Christian Speakers - Thrive Simulcast Held.11/12/05

Before I share about the fabulous event I attended yesterday, three quick things:

#1. Today is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Please stop to pray for those in our country ... er, oops, I mean in "other countries" who are persecuted for their beliefs.
#2. Read another story from God Answers Prayers Military Edition as featured on Crosswalk.com. Veteran's Daughter Recalls Dad's Heroism in "Forgotten" War. Story by contributing author, Audrey Kletscher Helbling.

#3. Check out La Shawn Barber's blog post today: FIVE QUESTIONS FOR MUSLIMS. Read down the page for a fascinating article on racial bias - color profiling. Bravo La Shawn!

Okay ... back to our regularly scheduled program ...

What a blessing yesterday was for me – and for tens of thousands of women across the country! The THRIVE Simulcast was held yesterday in Atlanta, Georgia and was broadcast via satellite to churches around the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

The annual event featured a line up of amazing speakers, including my dear friends, Florence Littauer, Michelle McKinney Hammond, Carol Kent, and Liz Curtis Higgs.

NOTE TO READERS: I tried to upload photos for this post to appear in this area, but alas my system kept crashing. Does anyone have suggestions about this? I've tried everything ... back to the posting ...

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as Carol Kent shared her powerful testimony as written in her latest book: When I Lay My Isaac Down – Unshakable Faith in Unthinkable Circumstances.

Sometimes we choose to make sacrifices; we tighten our belts to pay for the education of our children, or we give up a treasured day off to help a friend in need. And then there are the sacrifices in which we have no say-like "Isaac experiences" as described in Genesis 22-which are thrust upon us without warning or survival instructions.

If you can only find time to read one book this year, make it Carol’s.

Michelle McKinney Hammond was, as usual, her amazing DIVA-self! With a contemporary message threaded with Biblical Truth from the Book of Esther, Michelle was captivating. Her anointing from the Holy Spirit is so evident every time she opens her mouth. Okay, maybe not EVERYTIME, but she’s a good 9 out of ten!

I love this woman and I’m excited to be sharing the platform with her at her first-ever DIVA CONFERENCE to be held in Chicago on January 13-15. You won’t want to miss this electrifying conference.

The Diva Principle – Chicago 2006 January 13-15

DIVA stands for: Divine Inspiration for a Victorious Attitude!

Michelle has spent her entire career involved in people's lives and in their living rooms, having moved effortlessly from top advertising creative professional to highly sought after voice-over talent to freelance writer, author, counselor, public speaker and television co-host.

And what can I say about my mentor and friend, Florence Littauer? A True Legend, every time I hear Florence speak I thank God for her gifts and for the desire He placed in her heart to help train speakers like me to help make a difference for God. Clearly a gem of a servant, Florence Littauer is the Founder of CLASS, check out their program to train Christian Leaders, Authors and Speakers.

Everyone’s favorite FBG (Former Bad Girl) Liz Curtis Higgs, once again captivated us with her powerful command of scripture and story-telling as she taught us a different view of the story of Leah and Rachel. With her trademark wit and comedy, she had us laughing and crying. I want to be like Liz when I grow up – she inspires me!

So folks, you won’t want to miss next years event scheduled for November 4, 2006. Visit THRIVE to find out how your church can host this amazing event.
THRIVE is a leadership development company devoted to developing women of courage and influence. Thrive specializes in cultivating women of confidence who are committed to honoring Christ and expressing His love through relationships. Women of purpose who prize the beauty God has given them and passionately display His goodness through all they do.

I don’t own stock in THRIVE, I don’t even get any kick-backs from books sold by these phenomenal sisters-in-Christ. My sole purpose in sharing this information with you is to encourage you to stay in tune with the men and women who are making a difference today in the Kingdom of God. Read their books, hear them speak when they are in your town, and above all, pray for them as they battle the enemy on the frontlines.

And that’s what’s on my mind today.
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