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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Brandilyn Collins, Allison & Lissa Halls Johnson

Another photo that was supposed to accompany the Monday, July 17th posting. Is anyone else out there is the blogosphere having as much trouble as I am uploading photos to blogger.com?
Love the photos, Allison. Yep, I've had a LOT of trouble with Blogger lately. Sometimes it lets me load graphics, and sometimes it doesn't. I'm enjoying your blog!
I do not know how to blog...Allison, your mother's friends Mary & Richard need your help in Ohio. Please email me at Marycaressbcglobal.net Thank you. I want to have a Hunger celebration in Ohio where Christ centered women come to hear you and learn about needs in Cleveland area. Please email or call 440-871-7067. You look great inside and out. Love in Christ's service. Mary
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