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Sunday, October 22, 2006


Little Lucy to the Rescue!


Okay, I’m done feeling sad and sorrowful. One of the blessings of having a blog is the ability to share yucky feelings with folks who care enough to post a comment or send a private e-mail to tell you to hang on…or to let you know you’re not alone…or to simply say, “I’m praying for you.”

It’s hard to believe how many folks have dysfunctional adult children and/or grand-children that are lost. I cannot begin to comprehend the collective pain of countless parents and grand-parents who struggle with feelings of blame, shame, inadequacy and fear. There are numerous resources available to help the adult children we love—if only they would reach out. Yet little exists to speak to the hearts of those of us who struggle daily trying to understand what we should or shouldn’t do, what we did or didn’t do, and what we can or cannot do NOW to help.

We want so much to help.

I spent most of yesterday with my oldest step-son. He came to help me do yard work in preparation of the upcoming Minnesota winter. He brought Lucy with him, his first born daughter, to play with Grandpa (my husband) while we worked. That’s Lucy feeding our chickens. Cutie-pie, eh?

But that’s not all, my step-daughter also stopped by to visit a bit, as did my younger step-son. My birth child may be missing, but the Lord wanted me to be aware that I have three lovely adult step-children who are walking with Him. I couldn’t help but feel that in my own son’s absence, God sent my family to teach me a lesson.

Sometimes…the pain, anguish and anger we feel over a dysfunctional adult child can keep us from seeing the joy and love that still exists around us. God is good…all the time. He is in control. Yesterday was a good day. Seeing my precious grand-daughter was a blessing. Spending time with my God-fearing step-son was encouraging and uplifting. Watching my husband play with his first grandchild filled my heart with joy and thanksgiving.

Thank you…to all of you who sent messages to help pull me up from the pit of despair I allowed myself to fall into this past week. Thank you. God bless you.

And that’s what’s on my mind today,
God is always right on time with who He sends our way! As a widow, I cried with anguish and loneliness and he sent a wonderful Christian husband to share my life.
Thanks for the blessing of the beautiful pic of your baby granddaughter. Joy comes in the morning after the gathering darkness. (My three grands are named, Joy, Faith, and Stephen!) In Christ's Love, Ann Coogler
I loved reading today's message with the darling Lucy photo. Your latest two blogs are like "bookends" with GOD in the middle.
In His Love, Ginger
(Can you tell that I'm a retired librarian?)
Try to remember, that even though you do not see any outside evidence that your son is close to God, God is there close to him despite what it may look like.

I was a devoted minister for many years. My wife left me and I gradually withdrew from ministry and ultimately any evidence of a spiritual life at all. I lived a life of distance and self loathing.

Scott Peck wrote somewhere that those who abandon a spiritual connection find it harder to return than those that have never found it to find it. I have returned. If this is possible nothing is too hard for God. We will covenant with you to seek His strong intervention in your son's life.

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