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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Pyromarketing Advice from Terry Whalin

Greetings to all! I’m back to work after a brief holiday. With literally hundreds of emails awaiting me, and a stack of snail mail the size of a small farm animal, I’m afraid my work is once again cut out for me. That said, howz about I pass the proverbial buck and share the post of fellow blogger Terry Whalin with you today. Terry has graciously pointed out a free marketing product you’ll want to take advantage of. Check out his Pyromarketing advice now at The Writing Life.

Here's a little sample of Terry's blog posting today ...

An Unusual Marketing Gift
It’s the season for gift giving. Over the weekend, I stumbled on an unusual gift for every writer and editor (and marketing person) interested in how products are sold. You will learn why mass marketing isn’t working any more? I’ve blogged about PyroMarketing a bit in the past at these spots: Introduction to Pyromarketing, Powerful Marketing Insight, and A Marketing Plan for Every Book. If you read these other posts, you will see the innovation that I believe is evident in this book—and that I’ve read every word of it.

Thanks Terry for your insight .. and for sharing it with us!

Say, I encourage ya'll to check out the web site and new blog of Heather Gemmen the author of Startling Beauty ...

Heather Gemmen, writer, speaker, freelance editor, and dear friend has launched her new blog. Check out the wisdom of this talented Christian chick at her FAT RED PEN blog.


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