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Monday, February 20, 2006


Steve Laube - Guest Blogger

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Steve Laube, Literary Agent Extraordinaire. For the next seven days Steve will share his thoughts with us about the writing business.

As the first (brave guy) Guest Blogger in our 2006 Guest Blogger Series, please join me in welcoming Steve Laube. Make sure to check out his informative web site --- full of great writer helps and resources.

Let the ruminations begin! ...

Day One from Steve Laube, Literary Agent

It is a great honor to be the inaugural contributor for the God Allows U-Turns blog! I also have the privilege of serving as Allison Bottke's literary agent which is ironic because of the long journey she and I have had with this project. Many years ago while the acquisitions editor for Bethany House Publishers I handed Allison a STOP sign in the form of a rejection letter. The U-Turns book at the time was Allison's personal story and I felt that it wasn't strong enough to work in the marketplace. Instead of letting that "No" be the final word, Allison, by the grace of God, reworked the material and found a publisher who caught the vision.

This is simple example how God not only allows U-Turns but provides the opportunity for U-Turns! A series of rejections turned into a ministry that has grown to unimaginable proportions.

Stop back tomorrow for a new thought from Steve Laube. See you then.
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