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Monday, May 15, 2006



Dear Readers:

This Blog was developed to share true stories of life from a Christian perspective, for both READERS and WRITERS. Our fundamental goal is to encourage and strengthen our readers.

As someone who often teaches at Christian writer’s conferences, I feel strongly about sharing that no matter how long it may take, we must keep our dreams alive and persevere. It’s not always easy—especially when the dream to be published remains elusive.

I’ve been blessed to have twenty books published in the past five years under the God Allows U-Turns umbrella brand. These twenty books are all NON-FICTION. However, I’ve wanted to write fiction since I was a little girl. (In fact, my ultimate goal when I grow up is to become a screenwriter, but that’s another story altogether.)

Well, my “little girl dream” has come true!

I’m fifty years old and it’s finally happened! My debut novel, A STITCH IN TIME (in the hip-lit genre) will “officially” release from Bethany House on June 1st. However, this past weekend I had my first book signing for my novel at Barnes & Noble in Burnsville, Minnesota. It was a phenomenal success. I’m still floating on a cloud and praising God!

So, long story short … if you have the dream to write and be published … keep the faith! I never stopped working at it, I never stopped learning, and I never stopped trying new things. Most importantly, I never stopped praying!

A STITCH IN TIME is available now online and at bookstores everywhere.

And that’s what’s on my mind today.
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