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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Heather Gemmen -- Day Four of Seven

We are trying to figure out how to work the camera, and my husband is shooting away with his own. Incidentally, of all the pictures I have of the three of us (and I do have many), this is my favorite because here Larry caught our personalities: Allison is trying to get to the bottom of things; Mary sees it all clearly but will not interfere unless asked; I'm just having fun, sure it will all work out.

Every single person has a uturn story (or perhaps many)—and if you know Allison, Mary, and I, you know ours are significant—but we each respond differently to the situations God puts us in. I don't have Allison's pizzazz or Mary's gentleness, but I do have this innate ability to enjoy life even when things are not going smoothly.

Imagine it wasn't a camera that was malfunctioning, but a neighbor who was, say, dealing drugs: Allison would probably confront the woman, Mary would pray for her, and I would make friends with her. Different ways to handle the same problem—all of them good.

It's not personality that determines if we are on the right path; it is the attitude of the heart.

How's yours?

Thoughts posted by Heather Gemmen.
Picture taken by Larry Wilson.
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