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Monday, November 06, 2006


This week’s guest blogger- Nancy C Anderson

I met Allison about 4 years ago at a Christian book convention and we “clicked” right away. She invited me (and my best friend Tonya Ruiz) to a luau, sponsored by her publisher, and of course, we went--and we’ve been pals ever since. As Allison became a publishing “machine” she included my stories in four of the books under the U-Turns umbrella.

The first one I’d like to chat about is “God Answers Moms’ Prayers” My story is called “Timmy’s Ring.” (page 168)

My son, Timmy was diagnosed with a terminal chromosomal disorder before he was born--when I was about 3 months pregnant. My doctor and many friends suggested that I get an abortion. I struggled to decide if my “pro-life” position was just my talk—or my walk.

Here’s a short excerpt:

“That afternoon, I prayed, “Lord, I believe abortion is wrong, but on my own, I don’t have the strength to fall in love with a baby who is going to die. Please show me how.”
I kept saying it, even before I meant it. “I choose to love this baby with all my heart.” I willed my words into actions. In faith, I moved my hands as I timidly caressed my stomach. In faith, I moved my lips as I mouthed the words, “I love you.” No sound came out. I kept repeating the phrase until my brain found the secret passageway to my heart and I was free to taste the bittersweet tears of loving a child who would never love me.”

Four months later, Timmy died, wrapped in my love, on his birth-day- 6-22-1990
Tomorrow’s post will be more fun. It’s about nagging wife-me!
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For those of you who have not read Nancy's entire story, i would encourage you to pick up GOD ANSWERS MOM'S PRAYERS. It's a powerful and poignant testimony to God's love. Thank you again, Nancy, for allowing me to share it with our readers around the world.
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