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Friday, December 30, 2005


New Year Resolutions

Dear Friends:

If you’re anything like me (and a lot of my fellow Brothers and Sisters-in-Christ) chances are that your list of New Year Resolutions includes something to do with spending more time in God’s Word. Every New Year I vow that this year I’m going to read a Daily Devotional every day. Every New Year I vow that this year I’m going to memorize more Scripture. How about you? Do you start the year out with the very best of intentions regarding your spiritual health? But like me, do you sometimes find it difficult to stay on track as the months fly by?

As we come to the end of another year and begin to look ahead, is your heart telling you to spend more time getting to know God and His amazing plan for your life? If so, have I got great news to share with you today!

Every single day of the year, my friend and Brother-in-Christ Duke DuVall records a MOMENT OF INSPIRATION that people can listen to free of charge from anywhere in the world. I receive my MOMENT OF INSPIRATION via my E-mail every day. When it’s convenient, I simply click on the link and voila! I can hear Duke’s voice as he shares a five to seven minute daily inspirational message. Duke’s daily messages are scripturally sound and they always make me think...they always draw me closer to the God who loves me.

An influencer of the influential, Duke DuVall has delivered messages on success, leadership, motivation, employee productivity, sales and management training, and organizational problem resolution for more than eighteen years. He currently speaks regularly to leaders in business, education, the arts, and the faith-based and charitable communities.

A little about Duke ...

Duke DuVall’s popular MOMENT OF INSPIRATION is a five-minute, scripturally-based, teaching recorded new each day, and is accessible 24-hours a day, by phone or by internet (toll free 1-800-939-5689 or on the web site at LIFTING LIVES) and has proven to be a source of encouragement to individuals and families nationwide. DuVall’s familiarity with the ingredients for business success began early in life. He is the son of M.F. DuVall Jr., a former U.S. Navy pilot who joined Duke’s grandfather, Milton DuVall Sr., in transforming both the political and business arena of their day. While Duke’s father managed the combined family businesses, Duke’s grandfather served four terms in the Missouri state legislature before his election to two terms as president of Best Western International, the world’s largest hotel brand. You can read more about my friend Duke by visiting his web site.

In the mean time, here’s a message directly from Duke DuVall to you.

God is so incredible and faithful. Yet such a powerful reality and promise can be easy not to receive. We all are hopelessly human and are at best fragile in our understanding of the world and the life that we live. Our human wisdom can put people on the moon, send satellites to far away planets and predict earthquakes, yet the same wisdom is futile when it comes to experiencing true joy. True joy is only given from the simple yet not easy action of trusting God. Trusting is so much harder than believing. Yet God is clear in his word that if we will trust Him, He will give us a quality of life on earth and eternity that exceeds our greatest capacity of human understanding.

From Allison …

As the year comes to a close, may I encourage you to sign up today to receive your daily MOMENT OF INSPIRATION. Make 2006 the year that you develop an intimate relationship with God that will change your life. Let Duke's insightful messages jump start your day as you delve more deeply into Scripture. Make 2006 the year that you make another U-Turn in your life toward walking closer with the One who matters most.

Please share the MOMENT OF INSPIRATION with everyone you love and care for. Remember, God loves them infinitely more than we ever could…let's remind them of that.

May God bless and keep you.
See you next year!

And that’s what’s on my mind today.
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