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Friday, December 08, 2006


Help Wanted––and Needed!

Posting by Guest Blogger: Karen O'Connor
Day Five of Seven

I never realized until now (living within ten minutes by car from three of my grandchildren) how many advantages there are to being a grandparent. In case you haven't yet experienced this divine season of life, here's a glimpse into some of what you can look forward to. As a grandmother you'll have:

• someone to remind you to cover your legs with a towel at the beach—so the blue lines on your legs won't show.

• someone to spot the stray hair growing out of your husband's ear so you can pluck it before he goes out in public.

• someone to tell you she loves the feel of your hands just when you're noticing how old they look.

• someone to jump up on the kitchen counter in one bound—to reach a bowl or a cup that is too high for you.

• someone to tell you that your shoes are 'cool,' your earrings are just the right color, but your knit turtle neck shirt shouldn't be tucked in. "You're supposed to wear them over your jeans."

• someone with whom to make cookies, read bedtime stories, skip in the rain, laugh at knock-knock jokes, and fall asleep in front of your favorite cartoons.

Being a mother is superb. Being a grandmother is supernal! Thank you, Lord, for grandchildren. Gettin' old ain't so bad after all!
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