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Saturday, December 09, 2006


You Turns

Posting by Guest Blogger: Karen O'Connor
Day Six of Seven

I've made a few U-Turns in my life, and I imagine I'll make a few more—and not just at a stoplight. But I'm concerned with a different kind these days. I call them You Turns. I notice as I grow older that I'm more concerned with 'you' than I am with myself. What a refreshing observation that is. I'm sure if my mother were still alive she'd like knowing that. I remember a time in high school when she said with conviction, "The whole world doesn't revolve around you, Karen. You just might want to focus on others for a change."

Now why didn't I think of that? Probably because I was 15 at the time and really did believe the whole world revolved around me.

Today it's fun to see how many You Turns I can make.

• Chatting with the grocery bagger, a young man who is mentally challenged but who has a smile to die for.

• Complimenting the receptionist at the doctor's office on her efficiency and welcoming words.

• Waving a driver to go ahead of me into traffic.

• Fixing my husband the kind of lunch he loves: hot soup, cheese bread, salad with olives and a chocolate cookie for dessert.

• Visiting a neighbor in the hospital as he recovers from bypass surgery.

I feel good when I make You Turns. And I can tell that others like it when I do. One You Turn can lead to another and another until suddenly I find myself making another major U-Turn in my life--from self-centered to selfless. I think I'll stay the course. I like this new direction. My life is becoming brighter and I see the love of Jesus brightening the lives of those around me.

"We love because He first loved us" (1 John 4:19). Lord, help me to keep on loving.
Thank you for sharing such a beautiful family story!

I am thankful for a godly heritage of loving grandparents and parents.

In Jesus' love,
Susan Skitt
Contributing Author,
God Allows U-Turns for Women
I love the concept of You-Turns. Beautiful! Thanks for posting this and inspiring me to make more and more of these You-Turns. I love it!
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