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Thursday, August 10, 2006


A Memory of Daddy

Day Four of Seven
Written by: Eva Marie Everson
Guest Blogger

A friend came by for a visit yesterday. She is also a writer and makes her living working in the sports section of our metro newspaper. Pretty cool stuff, I'm thinking.

We talked about how much we both love to read and we talked about reading the classics. She mentioned something about the Babysitter's Club and that's when it hit me that she is a great deal younger than me! Turns out, she's a year older than my youngest daughter. Who cares! Friends are friends at any age and we shared some great laughs.

I had a bit of an emotional evening though. One of my dearest friends in the whole world was "laid to rest" back in March. I gave the eulogy. The editor of a magazine was there and asked if he could print the eulogy in an upcoming edition of the periodical and I said that of course he could.

The magazine came in the mail yesterday afternoon. My article, titled "Daddy's Hug" took up two pages, filled with the same words I'd spoken and two impressive photos of my father, who would have been 75 years old this week had he not stepped through Heaven's Gate five months ago.

I miss him so much.

One major regret I have: Daddy never got to read the second novel in the Potluck series! (Amazon.com: The Potluck Club: trouble's Brewing: Books: Linda Evans Shepherd,Eva Marie Everson ) Daddy, who said he'd not read a novel that he could remember since high school, couldn't put the first book in the series down. I got quite tickled at him and my mother, who had long ago divorced, talking on the phone like old friends themselves (and I guess they were), saying things like, "What page are YOU on?" and "Did you read the part about Goldie getting mad at Jack yet?"

So Daddy didn't get to find out "what happened next," but that's okay. Something tells me he's pretty happy where he's at!

Until tomorrow....

Eva Marie Everson, Author/Speaker
U-Turns Guest Blogger

Photo: Eva Marie sitting high atop the world on her daddy's shoulder
I'm sure both of your Fathers in heaven are pleased with your writing! Blessings to you.
Ginger Cox
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