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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Sabbath Monday

Day Two of Seven
Written by Guest Blogger: Eva Marie Everson
Tuesday August 8, 2006

My Sabbath falls on a Monday.

Like many in my “profession” (a.k.a. ministry), my weekends are usually so filled with travel for speaking engagements, speaking, etc., in an exhausted heap I decided to designate Monday as my 7th day of the week.

Fortunately for me, I attend a church with seven services each weekend, the last one falling on Monday evening, so as part of my Sabbath, I enjoy an evening in praise and worship and a time of hearing the Word of God preached by some of the best. It’s the perfect ending to—what I always hope will be—a perfect day.

These are days for reading books and watching sit-coms in syndication. I putter around the house. I take a long walk, a short nap. I pore over the Word of God. I languish in the shower and take my time putting on my makeup. Some Mondays I schedule coffee at Starbucks with a friend or lunch at Casey’s Grille, that kind of thing. Because my nickname is “Eva Diva,” I like to think of it as a real Divine Diva Day.

This is an opportunity for my mind, my body, and my soul to catch up to each other.

Too often we post modern men and women of the church ignore that deep-rooted need inside us. We push ourselves beyond our own boundaries and then wonder why nothing is ever done well enough. We look at even our good accomplishments and think, “It’s just not good enough.”

Recently I turned in a book titled “Oasis; a Spa for Body & Soul” (Revell, 2007) in which I explored the elements of our physical bodies vs. our spiritual bodies. The chapter in which I wrote about “napping” and such really struck a chord in me. I realized even as I was writing that at one time I’d been so good to myself and then I just let life take over, push me to the rear, push God to the rear….

But taking a Sabbath on any day of the week allows us time to drink in the refreshment of the Lord. It allows us to survive the rest of the week, quite frankly.

And Day One of the rest of the week, for me, begins tomorrow.

Until then, I am…

Eva Marie Everson
Sabbath Diva

CLOSING PS FROM ALLISON (Aka: Ali-Diva) We'll be featuring "Oasis: A Spa for Body and Soul" on our web site as a free contest give-away in spring 2007. Make sure to stay in touch with us!
Your words are like a cool refreshing drink on a hot summer day! Looking forward to your new book, Eva.
Resting in Jesus,
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