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Monday, November 20, 2006


What are you thankful for?

Guest Blogger: Amy Wallace

What are you thankful for?

I'm thankful for ripped tendons and scars. Why? Because almost five years ago I took my eighteen-month-old daughter's place in the ER and learned that when God says "No" to my request for protection, what He's really saying is "I have something better."

For me God's "better" meant a painful surgery and six weeks in a cast. Those six weeks of having my wonderful husband take care of our children, cook, clean, and do all my mom duties plus his allowed me to write my very first fiction novel, Ransomed Dreams. Plus, my surgery left me with a scar that I look at now and remember that God's "best" is often difficult to comprehend, but in the end it is always GOOD.

You can read more about this experience in "For This Child," my very first U-Turns story in God Answers Mom's Prayers.

Welcome to Thanksgiving week at God Allows U-Turns! I hope you'll join me again tomorrow as we look at more of the myriad reasons we have to give thanks.

Abundant blessings,

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