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Friday, February 24, 2006


Writing and Speaking Go Hand in Hand

DAY FIVE - Steve Laube, Literary Agent
God Allows U-Turns Guest Blogger

If you have the opportunity to develop a speaking ministry, by all means do so. Speaking forces you to articulate your ideas in a way that communicates effectively. It always makes you a better writer. There's a book out there called IF YOU CAN SPEAK YOU CAN WRITE and it is so true. Speaking can give you focus, give you a place to try out explosive ideas, give you a way to gauge the power of the concept you are trying to communicate. Consider working your God Allows U-Turns story into a 30-40 minutes talk that can be given at a variety of events. Frequently I run into successful authors who started this way.

Last year our agency formed a Speaker's Bureau to help our clients negotiate and develop that aspect of their ministry. It is an exciting facet to the total ministry of each writer we have the privilege of working with.

That's all for today ....

Come back tomorrow for another pithy posting from Steve Laube, our Guest Blogger.

'Till then, may God bless and keep you.
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