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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Day Three - U-turns and Zigzags

Day Three - Facing Fears

On Day One, I mentioned one of my great dreads about giving God full access to my life. I thought He’d make me become a missionary to China. So how did I find myself on a plane to Hong Kong, thrilled to be making the trip?

After grad school, God opened doors for me to found a Christian arts group made up of classically trained dancers who loved Jesus and wanted to use their skills for something more meaningful than Swan Lake. During my years as artistic director of this ministry, CrossCurrent, I was invited to help train an evangelism dance team in Youth With a Mission. They were based in Hong Kong. I could hear God chuckle as I used the gifts I had once believed had no place in His kingdom, to share the Gospel in a place I’d once feared to visit. In a sense, He’d brought me to the experience I’d dreaded—but it looked nothing like what I’d expected. His hand in my life steered a path that fit the unique person He’d created me to be.

Are there some things you fear that God might ask of you? Invite Him to give you the courage to trust Him. And take heart—His path for you is full of joyous surprises.

You can read more about God’s miracle provision for the mission trip in Allison’s book, GOD ANSWERS PRAYER.

Check back tomorrow for more zig-zags that led me into writing novels.

Until then,
Sharon Hinck
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