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Friday, August 11, 2006


High Maintenance Diva

Day Five of Seven
By: Eva Marie Everson
Guest Blogger

I awoke to some startling news this morning. As my husband slipped into his shoes before leaving the house for work and I sipped on my coffee and groggily stared at FOX News, he said, "I think there will be no more carrying cosmetics on planes. You'll have to leave your lipstick at home."

I immediately woke up--fully awake this time--and watched in horror as women (and some men) standing in long lines at the airport, tossed their lovelies into those horrid little "Rubbermaid" bins. For some, the cost of the hair products and perfumes were higher in price than the cost of the ticket to fly to wherever they were flying off to. I'm left to wonder what these women will do when they hit their layovers, which were designed by men but upgraded by women as a time to primp in the ladies restroom, which is--of course--why the lines are so stinkin' long and extend out into the hallways of the concourse!

Because I fly a lot--heading here and there to speak to women's groups, etc.--I am often met at the airport by a woman from the group who has seen my photo but has never met me in person. And, let's face it. Most of us don't look a thing like our pics! Especially airbrushed ones....

So, I usually say something like, "I'm wearing a black travel suit and a cute little baseball cap with the High Maintenance written across it in Swarovski crystals."

Now what will I say? "I'll be the ugly one without lipstick getting off the plane?"

Until tomorrow...

Eva Marie Everson

Picture: Eva Marie (in cap) with granddaughter, Jordynn.
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