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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


A soldier's story

Happy Wednesday from Nancy C Anderson! I’m on my third day of
blogging with you and I have a new story about a brave soldier.

This one’s from “God Answers Prayers—Military Edition” and it’s on page 34.

My Great, Great, Great Grandfather, Henry B. Rowe, wrote 29 letters which taught me about bravery, honor, and prayerful perseverance in the face of fear. He was a Yankee farmer, who wanted to preserve The Union and free the slaves, so he became a soldier—and marched south.

His letters from the battlefront, addressed to his wife, were poetic; filled with love and faith. He writes,” May heaven’s choicest blessings rest upon you and the children. Be true and faithful soldiers for Christ and I will be the same for my country. And if I fall for my country, then it will be an honor to you. I pray that we may meet again where wars will never separate us.”

Those letters are more significant than any history book I will ever read, because the words were written by a man whose blood still flows through me. I am a writer as he was a writer. I am a Christian because faith can also flow through families.

In his words from Winston North Carolina, March 16, 1865 he writes about loving his “enemies.” “Yesterday, I stopped at a house and there sat a woman with three children, not a thing in the world to eat. I saw that her baby girl was sick with the measles so I gave the mother my rations and passed on. She thanked me kindly with tears in her eyes…and so it goes. God speed the day that we may be a free and happy people.”


(To read the whole story, get the book from Amazon)

Tomorrow’s post will be about my father’s reaction to my shoplifting charges. It is from God Allows U-Turns for Teens.
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