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Friday, June 09, 2006


Words For The Journey Christian Writers Guild

Day Five of Seven

I am so enjoying this BLOG-ing gig! Thank you, Allison for inviting me to participate. I hope y’all are enjoying my U-Turn story.

As of yesterday, I wrapped up the BLOG by telling you that my U-Turn was not quite complete. In fact, there was a U-Turn within a U-Turn. Is that like a double negative? More like a double positive if you ask me.

When my husband’s career decided to move us to Colorado, I was apprehensive to say the least. My heart (attached to my two older children) really struggled with the fact that we would be residing in different states, miles from each other. We prayed, and asked others to pray about whether this was the right move for us, and all indications pointed positively toward transfer. Most of all, it was a struggle of the wills, mine vs. the Lord’s. I have learned that it is better to be obedient and say yes the first time instead of taking the long way around. So the final leg of, or if you prefer, the new U-Turn began.

I never anticipated opening a new branch of Words For The Journey. I didn’t plan to, and I even substantially thinned out my files of WFTJ materials before we packed. Blessed to have served the members of WFTJ for nearly two years, I thought that a season of my life was simply coming to a close.

Since I never tightly gripped WFTJ with any kind of ownership, leaving my role as director was easily accomplished by just passing the torch to Linda Kozar. The hard part was leaving the members. I had grown to love each of them as precious sisters and brothers in Christ. My consolation was that I would visit as often as possible. My children were still there after all.

August 4, 2006 was moving day (I discussed that in my first BLOG post). Two months later, once we were almost out of boxes, I visited a writing group called, Jubilant Writers led by Jan Parrish, someone I had met online earlier that year. She knew I was headed that way, and invited me to attend. What I didn’t know was that the Lord was leading Jan to exclusive time serving another ministry.

Once again, the Holy Spirit started opening doors. And having learned obedience before, I gladly stepped through each one. Once again, prayer and fasting were in order. If the Lord wanted a new branch of WFTJ, it would be established by His hand – again.

After spending time in prayer myself, I asked to Lord to direct me to someone I could partner with, someone who had strength where I had lack, someone who would pray, love and care for the members of Words For The Journey. Megan DiMaria was a faithful member of Jan’s group and the Lord wasted no time in showing me that she was the one He wanted ministering with me. Our talents and gifts compliment one another, and she has been a huge blessing. I’m so grateful to the Lord for putting us together.

And because both of us desired to submit Words For The Journey – Rocky Mountain Region into God’s hands, we surrendered it together in prayer before opening the group. We asked the Lord to reign over it and lead it according to His plan. Besides being faithful to pray, Megan was instrumental in finding a place for us to meet. She spoke with the staff of her church, Southeast Christian Church, and they welcomed our group, providing a place for us to meet weekly. By the way, the Lord also opened the door to continue our ministry of once monthly outreaches at Barnes and Noble in Lone Tree, CO.

Is there more to this U-Turn? I don’t know, but if there is, I’m going do my best to listen for God’s leading and obey His direction. I’m completely in awe of His GREAT works and ministry through Words For The Journey Christian Writers Guild so far, and can’t wait to see what else He has in store.

Until tomorrow…

Eternally Grateful for His Grace,
Sharen Watson

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