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Sunday, April 16, 2006


Heather Gemmen -- Day One of Seven

The last blogger introduced herself because Allison was off gallivanting to Montana. I'm introducing myself because our fearless leader is now tooling around Florida. The only difference is that Tricia was with Allison in Montana. . . Allison, wouldn't it be only fair if I joined you in Florida?

Sigh. I guess I'll live vicariously through Allison by stepping into her shoes for awhile. Here's Day One of my venture onto her blog:

I grew up near London, Ontario, on a hobby farm where I hiked through corn fields with my faithful collie, swam in a water hole with the ducks, and shoveled manure in pig pens. I am the youngest of five children born to my Dutch immigrant parents, and I also had numerous foster brothers and sisters who made my life very rich. My parents are godly people who remain strong role models of the faith for me. I moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan to attend Calvin College, where I graduated with two degrees—a BA and an MRS. ;)

After graduation, my husband became an electrician and I worked for Zondervan Publishing House. We had two boys together, adopted another, and welcomed our baby girl into the family (see Startling Beauty for more). After ten years living and working in the inner city, the mountains of Colorado began to call our names. Our family relocated to Colorado Springs where I took a job at Cook Communications as an acquisitions editor. I began my writing career by authoring children’s books, much to my own kids’ delight, and I continue to make editing and writing my career today.

In 2004 I began working from home—writing and editing for various publishing houses. It was the best move I made because it allows me to spend more time with my kids while still doing the work I love to do.

However, the decision was triggered by another change in my life, one not so good. After almost fifteen years together, my husband chose to end our marriage. Although I realized that our relationship was less than perfect, I desperately wanted it to survive. We had been through too much together to let it go.

The divorce left me devastated. I felt that I had failed God, my kids, and my ministry. God, however, offers his wonderful restorative love to everyone, and I clung to it. The Psalms became my refuge—and I realized that all the passionate praise given to that book is deserved. Those powerful words restore life.

Last spring I was invited to speak at a writers’ conference in Florida. There I met Larry Wilson, an author and editor from Indiana who was also on the faculty. We began chatting professionally and soon discovered we had much in common. After the conference, our acquaintance grew into attraction—and our phone bill proved it. When you meet the perfect match for your heart, you don’t ignore it. We got married in August (view wedding album) and finally I understand the clichés about love.

Praise be to God.

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