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Friday, June 23, 2006


Contributing Authors Sign Books at Barnes & Nobel!

Our Contributing Authors Make a Difference! We want to share the wonderful news and experiences of some of the book signing events our contributing authors have been holding. A dozen contributing authors have held events throughout the USA in the last two months!

Connie Pombo, “Living the Passionate Life” (God Allows U-Turns for Women), Susan Kelly Skitt, “A Test of Faith” (Women’s), Carolyn Ruch, “Ever After” (Women’s) & “Sentence Overturned” (God Allows U-Turns for Teens), and Tammy Gehman, “My Favorite Color is Red” (Women’s) are a group of contributing authors from Pennsylvania who have been tearing up the town with multiple book signings!

Here is an update from Connie Pombo:

We had a great turnout at the Barnes and Nobel store in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and the CR manager requested 12 of each book (women and teens) to be autographed and left for purchase. Wow! Our next one is in North Wales on May 28.

Afterwards, we went out for dinner at Carrabbas Italian Grille and planned our next venture. Susan is excellent as a PR person; she worked the floor passing out U-Turn tracts! We had a "U-Turns" basket to give away, lots of chocolate and freebies! We had a great time!!!

Our next book signing/discussion at the Barnes and Nobel in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania on Saturday May 27 went really well. We were at the front of the store with our U-turns table, U-Turns give-away basket, and passed out frappuccinos--courtesy of Barnes and Noble! It was a great way to connect with our "audience" before the book discussion. The balloons and display generated a lot of interest and we had a great crowd for the Memorial Day Weekend.

During the discussion we each took 3-5 minutes to discuss our U-Turn story. Afterwards we opened it up to questions from the audience and then went into the signing.

Before we left the store, we autographed copies of the books and placed stickers on each to leave with the store manager. Afterwards we went out to eat at the Macaroni Grille with the "hubbies"! It was a great book signing and we look forward to June 3 in North Wales!

The four authors met again on June 3rdt for another event

We had our third U-Turns book signing at the Barnes and Noble in North Wales, PA and it was a great success--thanks to the rain! We were placed right in front of the store by the café. Susan had a wonderful display of a recent newspaper article of her poignant story.

Our signing was from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM--having the extra time was a big plus! We all remembered to wear our white jackets this time. We found that dressing like the cover of the book: blue, white, yellow, and black draws interest and creates a conversation piece for us to share our stories.

There's so much camaraderie when authors get together, and the customers that come into the store can sense and feel our passion and excitement. It makes it easy for them to approach us and gives us opportunity to share our God Allows U-Turn stories.

Blessings to our Pennsylvania team! This is an amazing way to share the gospel with the world! Let us know if you've had an opportunity to meet any of our contributing authors over the past few months, we'd love to hear from you!

And that's what's on my mind today.
Thanks, Allison, for this awesome opportunity to share my U-Turn story. It's been an amazing adventure, sharing the hope and help of Jesus with people through these book events. God is so good! And what can I say about my dear U-Turn sisters, Connie, Carolyn and Tammy? Each of you are gifted writers and have become precious, "forever" friends, no matter where our Savior leads!
Ps. 77:10-12
None of us ever imagined when we were going through our U-Turn that God would use it to help others going through the same difficulty. Thank you, Allison, for the great privilege of allowing us to share our stories, so others might have the courage to share theirs. An unexpected blessing has been the joy of sharing the journey with my "U-Turn Sisters": Susan Kelly Skitt, Carolyn Ruch, and Tammy Gehman. As one of the CR's of Barnes and Noble commented, "It's been a pleasure to be associated with such an incredible group of courageous women." After you read their stories, you'll understand why. God bless you, Allison, for your vision!
dear allison,
I'm a little new at this computer and blog stuff but wanted to add my comment. I enjoyed having my story published in your wonderful book" God Answers Prayer" I am enjoying your blog, qalso
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