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Monday, June 12, 2006


Falling In Love Again

I want to thank Allison for the opportunity to share my story on her GAUT blog. I first met Allison several years ago at CLASS (Christian Leaders, Authors and Speakers Services) speaker training conference, and I was impressed right away with her zeal about sharing people's U-Turn stories. She had just gotten an agent for the GAUT book series, and she gave me a button and asked me to submit a story. Since then, I've watched her (and the series) take off and fly, and have been excited about the opportunities the Lord has given her. I love her ideas, her zest for life, and her passion for using her talents--and developing others' gifts--for God.

Over the next few days, I want to share a recent U-Turn that God has allowed me to make. You might recognize yourself somewhere in the story...

"Don’t you just love it?” my friend Theresa asked. She smiled at me over her soda as bad country tunes played scratchily on the roller-rink speakers.

“The music?” I asked, grimacing. Birthday parties at the skating rink weren’t my favorites—but at least they gave me a chance for some adult conversation.

Theresa laughed. “No, silly,” she said. “That feeling you get, when you’re with Jesus, and He just sweeps you off your feet.”

“Oh, that,” I said, glancing down at my baby as I jiggled the stroller with my foot. Feeling strange, I scanned the kids near the snack area to see if my older son was around.

“It’s so wonderful when I’m with Him!” she gushed.

I mumbled something in return, about how I understood, but soon I made excuses to leave.
Later, I thought about what she’d said, and I realized with remorse that I had felt like Theresa did—years ago. It had been way too long since I craved time alone with the Lover of my Soul.

What had happened? That night, I got alone and asked myself when I had let myself fall away from my First Love.

I became a Christian at the tender age of seven—and lived out a pretty passionate faith through my growing up years. Though my past was far from perfect, I could remember being quite bold and different from the world in college. And when I graduated, I served as a missionary for two years, where I met my husband.

So when had the fire cooled? I concluded it must have been around the time I had suffered a miscarriage and gone through a depression. Then my husband and I were blessed with demanding jobs, children, and bills. Life’s stuff had happened, and because of stress, busyness, and daily-ness, I had let my passion for Christ dwindle. While I didn’t stray from my faith, I wasn’t too occupied with the things of the Lord. Instead, I found myself consumed with diapers, dishes, and deadlines.

Maybe you've been there--or you're there now. I hope you'll join me again tomorrow as I share how God wooed me back, and helped me make a U-Turn...right back into His arms.

Much love--
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