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Saturday, June 17, 2006


A Mentor's Role

Day Five of Six
June 17, 2006
Posted by Guest Blogger: Dena Dyer

(continuing story)

One of the other things God used to help me make a U-Turn back to Him was a young woman I "mentored." My hubby had talked to her mom at our church and found out that Chansin was interested in writing as a career. Beyond that, she was a leader in her youth group and was the editor of her school paper. Carey said she was looking for a mentor and he thought we might hit it off.

Little did he know! I spent time with Chansin over a year's time, helping with scholarship application essays and praying with and for her.

But you know what? In reality, she was the one doing the mentoring! Her passion for God, her boldness at sharing her faith, her absolute devotion to Christ--was convicting to me. She was who I was in high school....and now, I was someone else...someone without that pure devotion.

I'm proud to say that I was the learner, and she the teacher. I'm also proud of her--she became one of four finalists for the Brio girl during the year we met together.

I have other people who have been instrumental in my life as mentors. Among them are my friend and tearoom lunch buddy Ruthie Arnold, who has helped me become a better writer, and who introduced me to her daughters, Becky Freeman and Rachel St. John. They, in turn, introduced me to wonderful Christian authors and speakers like Ellie Kay and Gracie Malone. (And let's not forget Lee Hough, who's a guy and a literary agent but who encouraged me anyway!) LOL

In the Christian book industry, the legendary Littaurs, this blog's generous and dedicated "mama" Allison Bottke, and MANY others ahead of me on the path have been instrumental in helping me discern my calling, develop my confidence and make invaluable contacts.

Other women of faith, like Karol Ladd, Esther Burroughs, Donna Partow and Karen O'Connor, I have only met briefly in small group situations. They have always been kind to answer email or in-person questions, and I'm thankful for their witness and continuing faithfulness to God. And then there are wonderful women of faith that I've never met in person:

Can you tell mentoring is a passion? I simply can't imagine what my life would be like without the godly influence of these women who are serving as the "Paul" to my "Barnabus." (And there are MANY others who I haven't mentioned by name. God has truly allowed me a multitude of mentors. I'm very grateful.)

Would you consider mentoring and/or being mentored? If you're busy (and we all are) it may take some creative scheduling--but I promise you, if you make the time to invest in someone's life, or if you allow someone who's listening to God on a regular basis to speak into your life, you WILL be blessed!

Till tomorrow--
Dena Dyer
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So true that the one who becaome a mentor or teacher is often the one who ends up learning and being blessed. But then isn't that typical of the way God works?
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This is so timely! I just met with a young lady from our church yesterday afternoon. I've known her since she was a baby but now, in college and on fire for the Lord, she is considering writing for Him as well. I had stopped by their house for another reason and as I left, her mom shared that she had been wanting her daughter to talk with me for sometime and felt the meeting was "a God thing." Doesn't surprise me. That's how I got together with the wonderful lady who has been a mentor to me--Esther Bailey. And she is the one who introduced me to Allison! Isn't it amazing how He matches His kids all up and makes the sum of our parts all the greater for His glory?
Abundant blessings,

Jenny Cary
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