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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Help Title My Next Novel!

Dear Reader:

YOU can help title my next novel!

Any chance you can give me about three minutes of your time and take a quick six question survey to help my publisher decide the title for my next novel? My debut chick-lit novel called A Stitch in Time just released from Bethany House. My second novel will release next June. Bethany House is trying something new in utilizing a public survey to help decide on the title for my next novel. I won’t share with you the title I like best – but if you will click on this link below and take the short six question survey I will be so very appreciative. Stay tuned to our blog and web site for the announcement when the final title decision is made.

Feel free to pass the survey link on to anyone you think would be interested in participating! I will be really grateful. I would love to send everyone who responds a box of chocolates (Whitman’s Samplers) if I could, but alas … sigh … no can do. But hey – the thought is there!

You need to complete the survey within the next few days – please.

Click here: Help title Allison’s next “Lady-Lit” novel.

If the link doesn’t work, type this:

Blessings and hugs to all!
This is a wonderful idea--of course, when voting I noticed that you had us choose between pre-chosen choices and not just think up something ourselves. Nervous about what might come-up when we start thinking "chick-lit snarky?" ;-) Well, I would be, too. Hope the title you like best is what the voters like best as well.
Abundant blessings,
Awesome survey, Allison. I can't wait to read this new lit of yours!!! With your great voice, this story is sure to be a hit. Next June is a LONG time away though. ;-) But I'll wait...somewhat patiently. Even without a special box of chocolates.(grins)

Many blessings,
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